Room Comparison Chart

Since it may be hard to choose which room is the perfect one for your stay, we have created this easy and useful room comparison chart to help you decide! Once you have chosen a room, just check its availability and book it here.

Room Name Room Rate* King Bed Queen Bed Fireplace In-Room Bathroom Claw-foot Tub Located in Main House Main Level Room
Giddings Room $175  X X  X  X
Sherwood Room $175  X X  X  X X
Lady Moon Room $165 X X  X
Auntie Stone Room $150 X X X X
William Collins Room $150 X X X X
Meldrum Room $175 X X X  X X
Avery Room $175  X X X  X
Fuller Suite $195  X X X  X

* Room comparison chart does not include tax